Sandesh Swamy

Research Engineer, Amazon Alexa
Computer Science and Engineering
The Ohio State University
Email: swamy(dot)14@osu(dot)edu
Here is how my name is pronounced.

I am currently a Research Engineer at Amazon Alexa working in the Alexa Skills NLU team. I am a Master's graduate from The Ohio State University, Department of Computer Science. I am/was advised by Dr. Alan Ritter and Dr. Marie-Catherine de Marneffe (best advisers, ever! :)). My research interests include Natural Language Processing and Social Media data. I was previously the Teaching Associate for Introduction to Computer Programming in C++ for Engineers and Scientists.

My areas of interest include Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics, and Social Media analysis. I have significant programming experience in Java, Python and C(code samples and HackerRank profile can be found in the Navigation bar). I have dabbled with web programming sporadically.

I am fascinated by the amount of information generated on Social Media. Analyzing Twitter data is a big interest of mine since it helps get a better understanding of the kind of things that people are really interested in and want to talk about.

Skills and Expertise
  • Programming Languages : Java, Python, C, C++, MySQL, JavaScript(beginner), R(beginner), HTML(beginner), PHP(beginner), Android Programming(beginner)
  • Tools and IDEs: Eclipse, Visual Studio, R-Studio, Android Studio, Sublime, PyCharm, Jupyter, Github, Octave
  • Although I do not claim to know all the Linux commands off the top of my head, I do love working on Linux and the charm of the plain old Terminal cannot be beaten by any IDE
  • My favorite programming languages off late have been Python and Java.
Other Activities